Snapchat Introduces “Memories” And Completely Changes The User Experience

“Previously, Snapchat users would save the photos and videos they create straight to the native camera roll on their phone, but this might encourage users to save all within Snapchat because they can be accessed, edited, and shared later. No more disappearing.” Snapchat is going to be very different, very soon. Snapchat just announced a […]

The “How” And “Why” Of Facebook Sharing

“52% of people surveyed claimed that they stay away from content that is controversial, and 32% said they are image-conscious and share things to maintain a certain image of themselves.” Since users have been given the option to hit the share button on Facebook, third-party content has flooded our feeds. It’s no mystery that we […]

Facebook Continues To Dominate The Mobile App Marketing Ecosystem

Facebook will be responsible for over 4 billion app downloads by 2017. Developers are always looking for new ways to get their mobile apps in the hands of consumers, and it turns out that Facebook is the best way to reach them. A recent Business Insider report cited 2016 Citi research, which estimates that 1.5 […]

Twitter, più spazio alle gif

Ottime notizie per gli amanti delle immagini animate, che ora per il social network potranno pesare fino a 15 MB. La fantasia necessita di spazio, molto spazio. Per questo Twitter, dopo aver fatto in  modo che non rientrassero più nel conteggio dei 140 caratteri, ha innalzato il suo limite per il caricamento delle immagini animate […]

Instagram Expands Carousel Ads To Include Videos

The carousel units require three to five pieces of media, and videos can be any length up to 60 seconds. 60-second video ads will soon appear in carousel ads. Instagram advertisers can now string together five 60-second videos, or create a mix of photos and video clips in Carousel ads. The first group of advertisers […]

There Are 10 Billion Video Views Everyday On Snapchat

On Snapchat, a view is counted as soon as someone starts watching a snap. On Facebook, video views count as if someone watches for three seconds or more. Behold the power of Snapchat. Everyday, there are 10 billion video views within Snapchat, which grew from 8 billion daily video views in February of this year. […]

Roma Torna Protagonista con la Social Media Week – Dal 12 al 16 Settembre

Global Theme “THE INVISIBLE HAND: HIDDEN FORCES OF TECHNOLOGY” Torna per il terzo anno a Roma, dopo il successo delle prime due edizioni, dal 12 al 16 settembre 2016 la Social Media Week (SMW), uno tra i dieci eventi più innovativi e rivoluzionari al mondo, che ha come obiettivo quello di raccontare l’impatto sociale, culturale […]

The Future Of Freelancing: Why Millennials Are Abandoning The 9-To-5

One of the most envied perks of freelancing is that many freelancers set their own hours. That is exactly why 9-to-5 is a thing of the past. According to the databases of Elance and Upwork, the best freelancing jobs for the future range from voice acting to legal consulting to even book cover design and […]

5 New Tools To Power-Up Your Instagram Marketing And Community Management

Instagram is incredible for marketers in so many ways, but sometimes you have to rely on third-party tools to reach more people, secure new followers, and sell more of your product or service. Despite the recent algorithm changes, Instagram still remains a highly attractive platform both for creative publishers and brands. Yet, the standard gameplay […]

Banda ultra larga in quasi tutta Italia: la rivoluzione è finalmente alle porte

Il 7 aprile, sarà annunciato il piano del governo, in collaborazione con Enel, per portare la banda ultra larga in 224 città con un investimento complessivo di 2,5 miliardi di euro, grazie al quale è prevista la copertura ad altissima velocità per 7,5 milioni di case. Tra le prime città dovrebbero figurare, come dichiarato dal […]

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