Facebook Continues To Dominate The Mobile App Marketing Ecosystem

Facebook will be responsible for over 4 billion app downloads by 2017.

Developers are always looking for new ways to get their mobile apps in the hands of consumers, and it turns out that Facebook is the best way to reach them.

A recent Business Insider report cited 2016 Citi research, which estimates that 1.5 billion apps will be downloaded through marketing properties on Facebook this year – an increase of 33 percent compared to 2015.

Additional stats proving the significance of app marketing on Facebook include that mobile-app-install advertising accounted for $2.9 billion of Facebook’s total ad revenue in 2015, a number representing over half of what was roughly expected for total U.S. mobile-app-install ad revenue that year ($4.6 billion).

Looking ahead, Citi anticipates that Facebook will be responsible for over 4 billion cumulative downloads by 2017.

July 12th, 2016 – Social Media Week Global by Erica Perry

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