5 New Tools To Power-Up Your Instagram Marketing And Community Management

Instagram is incredible for marketers in so many ways, but sometimes you have to rely on third-party tools to reach more people, secure new followers, and sell more of your product or service.

Despite the recent algorithm changes, Instagram still remains a highly attractive platform both for creative publishers and brands. Yet, the standard gameplay won’t likely stay the same.

Rather than focusing on aggressively building your following, it’s time to pay more attention to your engagement stats if you want to your content to be seen by more users. Here are just a few quick tips for that:

  • Include clear call-to-actions either on your post or in the caption.
  • Create a coherent and consistent feed, perhaps using themes.
  • Geotag your posts to provide more context and info on your posts.
  • Use specific hashtags rather than generic ones like #photo #love #selfie.
  • Engage with your community by replying to comments.
  • Cross-promote your account on other networks.
  • Exchange shout-outs or host a sweepstake.

And to help boost your engagement stats and overall marketing strategy, here are the six new tools to test-drive.

1. Plan Your Gram
Plan Your Gram is a brand new visual planner for Instagram, spiced up with a post scheduler. Heaving a consistent, appealing profile feed is one of the key elements of attracting more followers on Instagram. With this tool, you can create the most efficient and coherent layout of your pics prior to sharing them with your audience.

2. Mulpix
Mulpix is a powerful Instagram search engine, allowing you to browse and discover new content via hashtags, keywords or geo-targeting. You can even search captions, specific brand mentions (yours or your competitors’) and multiple hashtags at a time. This tool is indispensable for content curators and brands featuring user submissions on their account.

3. Stribr
Stribr is a one-shop-stop Instagram management tool to handle multiple accounts and track all sort of data at one quick glance. The scheduling option is about to arrive soon after the tool rolls to alpha from the current beta version.

You can monitor selected hashtags, set up email alerts, quickly review your analytics stats and interact with the community. Top trier account also come with followers analytics tool and advanced follower management e.g. bio search, export and premium analytics.

4. Soldsie
Frustrated with the fact that you can only place one link in the bio to generate leads? Fret no more. Soldsie solves this problem for you.

The app will generate a beautiful portfolio for you to showcase your products. Place a specially generate link in your bio and the app will pull all the photos from your feed and help you add links to respected products on your website.

5. Over
Quotes seem to be among the top performing types of posts on Instagram. To spice up your images with appealing typography, install Over – a new test overlay app to produce creative designs for your brand.

The collection of fonts is non-cliché with various additional styling options available through the easy-to-use editor interface. Turn your pics into powerful CTAs to generate more likes, comments and reposts!

Fonte: Social Media Week
A cura di: Elena Prokopets Independant Marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Solopreneur

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